Get ready for a great time, Providence! East Nashville’s Zach Schmidt plays Nick-a-Nees on Thursday night, in support of his latest album, The Day We Lost the War. We had a quick chat with him in preparation for his return to our beloved city.

PVDlive: Welcome back! How many times have you played in our fine city?

Zach: Thanks! I think I’ve played 5. I always wish I had more time to hang when I’m there but sometimes it doesn’t work that way.


PVDlive: What’s your favorite PVD venue?

Zach: Definitely The Columbus Theatre!


PVDlive: With more degreed chefs AND more donut shops per capita than any other region in the US, clearly, PVD is passionate about food. What’s your favorite local place to eat?

Zach: Julian’s!

PVDlive: No donuts to note, but how about those BURGERS?!


PVDlive: What’s your favorite thing to do in PVD when you’re not playing music?

Zach: Providence and its people have always been good to me and I love getting back to see so many good friends that live there. And, I always have to get my ass kicked in pool at least once by Tyler James Kelly while I’m there.


PVDlive: Speaking of fellow musicians, who is your favorite artist to collaborate with?

Zach: Aaron Lee Tasjan. Always and forever.

PVDlive: We love the LSD cowboy in Providence!


PVDlive: Who would make you star struck?

Zach: That’s a tough one, I can confirm how star struck I was when I met Kris Kristofferson at Newport Folk. But for me to really drop to my knees it would have to be Bob Dylan.  

PVDlive: Coincidentally, the laureate is in Providence tonight!


PVDlive: What releases have you been psyched about this year?

Zach: So far it would have to be Tift Merritt, Andrew Combs, Kayla Schureman, Chuck Berry, Caroline Spence, John Moreland, Rachel Baiman and probably a lot more that I can’t think of…


PVDlive: Yea, there’s definitely been a lot of great new music this year. Who’s got stuff in the pipeline that you’re psyched about?

Zach: The Deslondes, Deer Tick, Slaid Cleaves all are working on new records I’m looking forward to!


PVDlive: What about out of Nashville, who’s the one to watch?

Zach: Everyone should keep their ears open for Jon Latham. He has a new record coming out that’s amazing. He’s a beautiful human and a force to be reckoned with.


PVDlive: What gig are you most pumped about this summer? (ASIDE FROM NICK-A-NEES!)

Zach: I’d have to say Wildwood. That’s such an amazing festival and I am super excited to be a part of it.

We’ll see you at the Newport Nights party, produced in part by PVDlive and we’ll be down at Wildwood with you all!


PVDlive: Give us your life in less than 140 characters.

Zach: Arrive. Raise hell. Leave.


PVDlive: If you could sum up PVD in 1 word?

Zach: Supportive

PVDlive: We got your back, Zach. Thanks for spending time with us!

PVD, join us for the party on Thursday, with Brooklyn’s The National Reserve kicking things off at 9pm at Nick-A-Nees.

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Zach Schmidt

IG: @unkleschmidty


The National Reserve

IG: @thenationalreserve


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interview by PVDlive’s newest member, Sarah Goodrich!