It would be hard to picture Providence without Steve Delmonico, lead singer of The Quahogs and one of the biggest supporters of the local music scene. There’s a lot of love and heart pulsing through the city and we caught up with one of the top people that keeps those good vibes goin.


PVDlive: As a lead member of one of PVD’s favorite bands, The Quahogs… tell us how you got started, and how you’ve evolved over time.

Steve: I got started playing live in Providence around 2011. I  dropped out of URI studying jazz. I started falling in love with the music scene in Providence, and found a good group of friends that were going for it.

By 2012 I fell ill with severe pancreatitis and was out of commission for a full year. When I came back I had no band. I started playing at The Parlour open mic, where I met Steve Donovan and John Faraone (former drummer), and had my old friend Ryan Gould (former bass player) learn the bass. As time went by, Nick Iddon and Amato Zinno jumped in the band and we have been making some beautiful memories.


PVDlive: One thing I admire about you is your dedication to supporting other artists and performers. I can’t think of a recent local show that I’ve been to that you haven’t been at. I suspect it’s equal parts passion, love for friends, FOMO and / or obligation… can you explain?

Steve: After being sick for basically a whole year, not going out, I have this weird drive of not wanting to miss out on a night. I love the music scene in this city, I also feel so fortunate to call a lot of the musicians in this town my friends. I guess it’s a weird obligation.


PVDlive: Given your exposure to the plethora of music happening in this city, can you tell us some of your favorite bands right now?

Steve: My favorite bands in town is a tough question. Right now, I would say Demolition Boyz, Smith and Weeden, and FINE.


PVDlive: We’ve got a bunch of local talent lined up for the Tom Petty tribute show, where you are billed as a featured performer, along with Dylan Sevey, who we caught up with last week. What’s your affinity to Mr. Petty?

Steve: I’ve always loved Tom Petty from afar; I couldn’t name what song is on what album. Truthfully, the hits are really all I know, but he is undoubtedly someone that has done more for music than anyone, and we’re honored to play this show with some of PVD’s greatest.


PVDlive: What can we expect from The Quahogs this night?

Steve: We will definitely put our own take on the songs.

PVDlive: What’s 2018 bringing for The Quahogs, and you?!

Steve: We plan on recording right as the year kicks off, for our third full length. We’ve been already scratching our heads on touring. It will definitely be the most touring that I’ve ever done. But 2018 is going to be very busy.


While we wait eagerly for The Quahogs third album we can spin their 2016 ‘Sunny Waste’ Dripping in country, folk, rock n’ roll and a perfect measure of grunge.  Don’t miss them at The Tom Petty tribute night at Columbus Theatre on 12/29, tickets on sale now!


interview by Sarah Goodrich

all photos James Lastowski

PVDlive & The Columbus Cooperative Present:
A Tom Petty Tribute Night

When: 7:30 pm, December 29, 2017

Where: Columbus Theatre

Price: $10 advance / $12 day of show