PVDLive: Hi guys.  Where are you right now?
Sam: We are just leaving Macon, GA.  We just opened things up for Shinyribs at an old theater there.
Tyler: Fresh off my driving shift through the Carolinas.
PVDLive: So you guys have been on the road together for about a month now.  How has it been going? Any favorite moments so far?
 Sam: We got to open things up for Red Shahan at Magnolia Motor Lounge in Fort Worth, Texas. It was a packed room for his release. He has great songs and a kick ass voice. It was really a pleasure to play with him.
Tyler: Magnolia Motor Lounge was pretty awesome and hard to beat. Fort Worth has a special place in my heart. It’s my speed. Tour has been great. Lots of laughs and easy going.
 PVDLive: Glad to hear! Sam, you recently released “Concrete and Mud”, your third album, on Forty Below Records.  Tell us a little about the direction you were going for with this album and how you think you have changed as a songwriter since your debut album.
 Sam: This album I wanted to be more fun. Less sad bastard, more groovy, more rock and roll. I have become much more of a student of classic rock and country since my first record. The last two or so years since my last record I have spent researching, just figuring out how to get what’s in my head into pro tools.
PVDLive: Tyler, your main gig is as the lead singer and guitar player for The Silks.  How do you like playing lead in someone else’s band?
Tyler: Well, I’ve performed with Sam last year and many others in a residency setting. I love it. I sort of enjoy playing guitar so it’s a blast. Haha. Actually, that might be something people don’t like about me. ‘Ugh, he’s always up early and always playing that damn guitar.’ Haha. Let me just say this, Sam is a good friend but he genuinely has a great album here. Something I can really get behind, and I’m glad that he thought of me for this run. I have hopes down the line to just keeping writing and picking and we all hit the road. Silks and all. Who knows.
PVDLive: The tour makes its way to the east coast at the end of the month.  Sam you live in LA.  What has your experience been in Providence before if any?
Sam: The last time I was in Providence we played a house show at Tyler-James house. I love the city and the music community there is tight and great.
PVDLive:  Tyler, where is one spot in Providence that you need to take Sam to before he leaves town?
Tyler: Either to eat ramen or Empire guitars. Haha. Either or.
PVDLive: Tyler, The Silks will be on the bill with Sam for a few shows including your hometown of Providence.  What have The Silks been up to lately?
Tyler: The Silks have been hard at work on the possibility of new recordings and hopping on some larger bills. Hopefully getting leads on booking agents and what not. I’m feeling great about writing right now which is unusual because I don’t  like much of anything I do. Anyway, I feel grounded and good. Maybe I’m growing up? Yuck. Haha.
 PVDLive: You two seem to connect musically in a lot of ways.  Between the two acts you cover a lot of
ground from classic country to blues, to good old rock “n” roll.  Give us some of your big influences? Any artists you have been listening to a lot lately?
 Sam: Some if my biggest influences would be Little Feat, Skynyrd, Waylon, Willie, I could go on. Lately I’ve been listening to that Red Shahan record, The Texas Gentlemen, and Elvis at Stax.
Tyler: Major influences are on going but as of late would be Chris Stapleton, Nick Lowe, John Hiatt, Buddy Miller. I mean I just heard a Steve Earle album today that freaked me right out. I like to be freaked out.
 PVDLive: The Met is always a big show for The Silks.  With Sam on the bill it makes for an even bigger night.  What can fans expect on Friday 4/27 in Pawtucket?
Sam: Just double the ass kicking rock and roll.
Tyler: I know fans will enjoy Sam. I’m glad they will have a chance to get to know me personally a bit more by hearing me perform with Sam. It’s not that it’s so different just versatile. I can’t wait to see friends and fans. This will be a great night of music and the best place to let your hair down and have some fun.
 PVDLive:  Thank you for talking to PVDLive.  Good luck the rest of the way on tour and we look forward to the big show on the 27th!!
 Sam: Thanks bud. Stoked to see ya there.
Tyler: Right on, thank you for taking the time and we’ll see you out there.
Interview by Michael Panico
Edited by Chrissy Stewart