This Saturday, one of Providence’s most irreverently iconic institutions, Cannibal Ramblers, are playing their final show, at Dusk. Before you go ugly cry in the corner… check out the bill for this night, which includes some of PVD’s best bands – Boo City, Z-Boys, and Last Good Tooth. It is sure to be a rager, which is the perfect way to say farewell to this beloved band.

As we adjust to this heartbreaking news, we wanted to take a moment to recognize all that the Ramblers have brought to our lives. Psyched out blues, hill country punk, booty shaking roots, whatever you want to call it, the Ramblers are unlike any band you’ve ever experienced, and they deliver the kind of performance you’ll never forget. Etched in our souls are the epic nights at Nick-a-Nees, and the unforgettable set at the 2015 Tweed River Music Festival in Vermont, where the closest neighbors who were miles away were calling the authorities because of “all that racket”!

Last night I drank too much. (Same.) Every morning after you’ve seen the Ramblers it’s the same damn story… which also happens to be the title of one of their top tracks. It’ll surely be the case when you awake on Sunday after this showdown.

By now, it’s clear… the Ramblers are no ordinary blues band.  On the best nights, they are a beautiful train wreck.  A symphony of aggressive sounds led by RISD Professor Mark Milloff,  a student of the blues.  He is well-versed in the art form and it comes out in his primal shouts and unique slide guitar playing.

Behind the drum kit is Kyle Anderson, who is moving to Indiana with his wife Emily and newborn baby this summer, which was the impetus for the band to hang it up.  Kyle is a beast on drums, often screaming along, adding backup chants and standing up to gain force behind the next beat before it comes crashing down.  Mark and Kyle have been the core duo of the band for many years, and it’s evident in how they feed off each other and are so in sync.

Adding to the chaos over the years has been Bryan Christopher Minto, also a member of Providence’s The Low Anthem.  Bryan is often a ring leader and dance party starter, adding funky, weirded out sounds from his array of effect heavy harmonica.  He’s there to egg Mark on, fix a mic or two and lift a drum into the air for an acrobatic beat for Kyle.

Over the years, when the band has been at its most expansive, Erik Jerominek added driving bass lines. Playing more like a guitar player than a bass player, he brought machine gun like licks and some extra wildness that gave the Ramblers a full force sound.

The Ramblers have been a staple in the Providence music scene and will surely be missed, but we’re looking forward to wishing them well, and rocking out at their final show. Mark tipped us off that he’s got something up his sleeve and they are planning to go out with a bang.  Don’t miss out. 10 bucks gets you in! See you there!


written by Michael Panico

edited by Sarah Goodrich

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