Lovers of Ryan Adams and Nick Drake will be captured by Providence musician, John Faraone’s first album release ‘Light Upon’. The album has been in the works for over 3 years with such thoughtful form, reflection and critique. This masterpiece has been just that; masterfully piecing each part together like a delicate pattern that all came together like a storm on purpose. What tells good songwriting? When a writer can paint a picture, make you feel you’ve experienced the story and sometimes if they’re that good – you feel like your in the same room as the music being created. Faraone effortlessly delivers those feelings of intimacy and sincerity in every song. The tempo kicks up in track two with ‘Always in Bloom’ his heroine-zen voice is ethereal with spiraling electric guitar that sends it to the moon in the middle of the song. When he says “while the slow piano played, in the heat you danced around the room always in bloom.” you see the moment or on track three “A Long Night and Slow” the lyric “shadows are whistling, dancing all around the room, its like I’m not sitting alone” is only a line from someone who has experienced the thick silence of solitude. You trust the words of this album, they have been felt deep down and then written on the wall through song.

Faraone is one of the biggest supporters on the local PVD music scene, encouraging the circus and being in numerous bands such as Ian Fitzgerald, The Quahogs and Chrissy Stewart; so it makes perfect sense of the roster of musicians featured on this record. Haley Simmons dances high above on vocals in ‘A Long Night and Slow’ and Chrissy Stewart whispers below with harmonies on ‘Fading Tide’. Emily Dix Thomas who is also in bands Nova One and Morgan Eve’s Huntress and Holder of Hands plays cello, Amato Zinno in The Z-Boys and Vudu Sister on upright bass, Matt Eastwood on piano and Pete Eastwood on electric just to name a few.

The preparation has traveled and been in the hands of many; engineered at Eyeland, the studio above Columbus Theatre where Faraone will celebrate his album release as well as Converse Rubber Tracks Studio, Big Nice Studio and “several homes, apartments and closets throughout Rhode Island” as perfectly written on the back of the record and mastered at Machines with Magnets, a venue and studio out of  Pawtucket. Keeping it close, Johns art, design, layout and photography were by his biggest inspiration and partner Michaela McCaughey.

Please join us on Saturday September 22, 2018 at Columbus Theatre to celebrate an album that we believe can impact our music scene tremendously. When something this good comes along its shakes us all up and creates a wave of inspiration.


John Faraone

Album Release and 100th Show! featuring Moutainess and EDT



Review by Chrissy Stewart