Tonight Smith + Weeden, joined by The Quahogs and These Wild Plains, are going to tear it up at the Columbus Theatre in PVD. The harmonious Smith + Weeden, Providence’s most beloved rockers, is made up of Jesse Smith (guitar), Seamus Weeden (guitar), Ollie Williams (bass), and Mike Murdock (drums). If you weren’t already hyped for this show, we had an offbeat chat with the S+W boys and are even more confident this night is going to be one for the books.

We asked locals what they wanted to know about this crew, so if you’ve been dying to know Seamus’ thoughts on the lobster roll from Panera… or who loves John Faraone the most… or how neat Jesse is, read on below, and come get weird with us all at Columbus Theatre tonight.

PVD: Number one question from all people: when are you going to finish that gotdamn new record?

Jesse: Hmm favorite album of all time would have to be… that’s a tough one. I gotta go with Israel Kamakawiwo’ole “somewhere over the rainbow.” Fer sure.

Seamus: As Tom Delonge said in Blink 182’s song “Anthem” from their 1999 album “Enema of the State”; Good things come to those who wait.

Ollie: Great question!

Mike: Drums are done, so I’m just as impatient as you!


PVD: Sandwiches or tacos?

Jesee: Yes.

Seamus: Tacos

Ollie: Sandwiches, fucking Cuban Sandwiches!

Mike: Tacos.

PVD: If you had to be handcuffed to one local musician, who would it be?

Jesse: Who the fuck is Chris Annunziato?

Seamus: Dan Blakeslee.

Ollie: Amato Zinno, cause I luff him.

Mike: John Faraone because he’s a lefty so if we handcuff our weak hands we’ll still be able to function. Plus he’s super tall so he can grab me stuff from the top shelf.


PVD: Ultimate super power?

Jesse: I have a fantasy of being the fastest man on the planet but it turns into a nightmare because I can never stop running.

Seamus: Read minds? No that’s probably super stressful. This kid I went to high school with could do this thing where he pushed the top of his stomach way out. It was really freaky I’ve never seen anyone else do that. Maybe if I could eat anything and never get sick…that would be cool. Eat light bulbs and garbage and stuff. Cool party trick.

Ollie: Foresight.

Mike: Flight.

PVD: Favorite pizza in PVD?

Jesse: My Daddy’s Pizza. Look it up.

Seamus: All of them, who’s open right now?

Ollie: Nice Slice.

Mike: Sicilia’s.


PVD: If you were a spice girl, which one would you be?

Jesse: Lindsay Lohan. Next question.

Seamus: Scary Spice (I think).

Ollie: Ginger Spice (although she’s not underrated in my book).

Mike: Ginger spice because I feel like she doesn’t get enough representation.

PVD: What venue is on your bucket list to play?

Jesse: I could sure take an ice cold bucket of rolling rocks right now.

Seamus: Me and Jesse almost got to play for the prisoners at Rikers Island one time, but we didn’t do it for some reason. I’ll bet that would be cool… or at least make a great story.

Ollie: Red Rocks.

Mike: I’ve still never played Lupo’s!

PVD: Seamus, true thoughts on the Panera Bread lobster roll?

Seamus: It had a lot of meat and looked very impressive but was lacking in lobster flavor.


PVD: If you could play with one musician from the past or present, who would it be and why?

Jesse: I like to picture Jesus in a Tuxedo T-shirt, ’cause it says, like, ‘I wanna be formal, but I’m here to party, too.’ I like to party, so I like my Jesus to party…. I like to think of Jesus like, with giant eagles’ wings and singin’ lead vocals for Lynyrd Skynyrd with like an Angel Band, and I’m in the front row, and I am hammered drunk!

Seamus: Maybe Stephen Foster? I wonder if he was cool?

Ollie: Levon Helm, he’s groovy and sweet and wise!

Mike: I think I’d want to be in a room playing drums with Stewart Copeland.

PVD: Does anyone know if Jesse neatly stacks fruits and vegetables at home the way he did at Whole Foods?

Jesse: We don’t have fruits or vegetables in our home.

Seamus: He doesn’t stack anything neatly at home.

Ollie: He does not.


PVD: What local artists are you digging?

Jesse: Who the fuck is Chris Annunziato?

Seamus: All my friends are doing awesome stuff; I’m really looking forward to John Faraone’s new record and the great band he’s assembled for his record release show.

Ollie: John Faraone’s new album, and whatever he does afterwards!

Mike:  John Faraone’s new album is going to be awesome!

PVDlive: Ok, now onto the meat… in your sandwich or taco or pizza.  Tonight is going to be a rager – what are you looking most forward to, besides all the hair?

Jesse: The hair.

Seamus: Mostly the hair, but also the hangs.

Mike: Seeing The Quahogs and These Wild Plains, and getting to see Nick Iddon because he’s genuinely excited about everything and an awesome drummer and human!


PVDlive: Any collaborations planned with These Wild Plains or The Quahogs?

Jesse: Me and Steve are gonna kiss. I’ll let you figure out which Steve.

Seamus: I’m planning to share a pizza with the other bands.


PVDlive: What’s next for you guys (besides finishing the record)?

Jesse: Do I look like a scientist to you? I cannot tell the future.

Seamus: Acquiring guitars until i eventually become trapped in a guitarvalanche


Let’s all cross our fingers on that record release and get to Columbus tonight to catch these guys live!


interview by Sarah Goodrich

photo credit Boston Concert Photography, Renee L’abbe


PVDlive Presents:

Smith & Weeden, These Wild Plains, The Quahogs

 When: 8:00 pm, September 7, 2018

Where: Columbus Theatre

Tickets: $12 day of show