Anders Osborne is stopping into town on Wednesday, October 3rd performing at Fete Music Hall. His sound, style and performance sweats the Nola flavor with blues and songwriting we don’t get this far north as much as we’d like. He pours it all out but somehow, doesn’t run dry. Cheers Anders, we’re glad to have ya.

Chrissy: You have shared the stage with countless legends such as Toots and The Maytals, Stanton Moore, Derek Trucks, Warren Haynes and The Grateful Dead’s Phil Lesh just to name a few. Whats has been one of your favorite collaborations? 

Anders: I find all of them very inspiring. Working on records with Dr. John is always fantastic, writing with Eric Church and Andrew Duhon was very rewarding, great flow! Playing guitar in Toots band was simply surreal, his voice is such a landmark in music history, loved every second of it. And I learn a tremendous amount every time I play with Phil Lesh, he’s just a giant and the Grateful Dead catalog is so beautiful. I also love playing with my brother Jackie Greene and of course Luther Dickinson. But there’s always something deeply spiritual when I get to play with my hometown people like George Porter Jr., Big Chief Monk Boudreaux, Cyril, Johnny Sansone, David Torkanowski and Johnny Vidacovich.

Chrissy: That is quite the roster! ‘Flower Box’ is your second full length album that was released in 2016 which has been described as “a heavier,guitar driven follow up to the acclaimed ‘Spacedust & Ocean Views”, I admire your album names, how were those inspired?

Anders: ‘Spacedust & Ocean Views’ was inspired by the insignificance I felt while observing lace place in the universe at the same time how connected I felt. I wrote all those tunes while on a beach or lake front. Or on my bicycle riding to Lake Pontchartrain. ‘Flower Box’ is the title track on that record and it really seemed appropriate since most of those songs were about breaking free from the shackles of the past and finding freedom outside the confinement of your perceived reality or cultural entrapment.

Chrissy: You are road dog indeed traveling constantly on tours with your band, solo or as a guest with some of the musicians stated before. What can fans expect at Wednesday nights show? 
Anders: It will be a trio, Chad Cromwell (Neil Young, Joe Walsh) on Drums, Ron Johnson (Greg Allman, Warren Haynes) plays bass. And I am hoping to get Cris Jacobs up with us for a good portion of the set! I will play electric and acoustic guitars and we’re planning on playing a few brand new tunes and of course songs from my 30 year catalog.
Chrissy: Are you on tour with Cris Jacobs, your opener?
Anders: Cris was only available for a few dates, he had prior commitments. We feel very fortunate to have him with us. I’m a huge fan.

Chrissy: What are some goals you have for 2019? 
Anders: I would like to release a couple of my new albums, the first one is called “Buddha and the Blues” should be coming out spring of next year.  I would also like to release an album that will give all the proceeds to mental health care in the greater New Orleans area. The title of that record is “Deep Impressions”. It’s been in the can for about a year. I’ve tried to figure out the best way to release that one since it’s a whole record about depression. Didn’t want it to get lost on the regular market. We’ll see. I am also looking for new collaborations and fun tours to do. I’d also like to go to art school for a semester. Maybe even get some time off with my family.

Chrissy: Woah, ‘Deep Impressions’ , I feel the right time will find you on that one. How long have you lived in New Orleans and how does that infuse your music? We love our music community here in Providence, can you tell us a bit about the local music scene in Nola? 

Anders: I have lived in New Orleans for 33 years and it is obviously a huge part of who I am musically and personally. I have raised my two kids there and have deep roots in the community. I think of New Orleans as one of the most valuable treasures the world has to offer. There is no substitute for that glorious city.

People come every day from all over the world to experience and contribute to her magic. Everyone respects the traditional music without being stifled. Young and old players and artists are constantly looking to evolve and progress. New Orleans music is always about the moment.

Chrissy: About the moment! Thats how I like to live. Now
 for the win; what is one piece of advice that has never left you?

Anders: Number one, my Mother’s advice: “don’t worry about what people think of you ‘cause they rarely do anyways”. Number two was Rickie Lee Jones.  We were talking on the phone a few years ago and I was expressing my frustration over some mixes. She said “Only listen and work on your record when you’re in a good mood”
Anders Osborne performs tonight October 3rd, 2018 at Fete Music Hallwith opener Cris Jacobs! 

Doors: 7:00 PM
Tickets:  $35
All Ages


interview by Chrissy Stewart

photo credit Brandt Vicknair