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Okay so we have all been there. Don’t lie. You’ve been there. You’ve done the fly-by or the drive-and-duck, or you have accidentally minor-league stalked a sister because the attraction was a tsunami. It’s called love, dummy. Briana White walks with us in her gorgeous new video where we get to fly-on-the-wall watch her seek fruition (that seems long overdue).  Unless I missed something when I sneezed, the attraction in this video is hotter than July pavement despite its low-key presentation. The song builds as the story builds. It’s intentional, artful, and poetic, and we root for her the entire time. The vocals and harmonies on this track are the very best parts. They’re layered, glossy, and lush, and they float like dryer sheets over urgent snare drums that keep the whole thing tied to a rock. It’s the perfect #juxtaposition and just lovely altogether. Bravo, Briana White.

-Lynny Bryan


Briana White splashed the radar of PVDlive last year when she won the Americana Singer/Songwriter of the year at Motif Music Awards. In that same week we hosted White at The Grange and she packed the house. We’ve been charmed with the positive energy she brings in performances and the passion you hear in her voice and impressive looping skills that makes you wonder “whats next?” Today we celebrate the first music video!

 – Chrissy Stewart


a word from the musician

I have so many people to thank for making this possible.

I sometimes feel like an imposter in this industry and lord knows (as do my closest friends) I have to make daily decisions to refute my own doubt and self consciousness. For many years, releasing a video felt like a pipe dream, just out of reach for me. Seeing what has been replaying in my head for the past two years as I envisioned “Closer” actualized has not only humbled me but has made my heart so full.

Jason Allard, the director of this video, took my ideas and brought them to life with a story. I could not have made this better without his direction, creativity and support. Thank you Jason!

thank you for believing in this, and supporting this, and recording and re-recording this, and dealing with my anxieties, and for Shannon Curley and Cody Sellers for being my actors and for being in this with me.

I love you all.