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 a note from Chrissy Stewart, creator of PVDlive


Did you know that PVDlive started from the Grange music series?!

I took a chance and left my corporate job at Marriott 5 years ago. Mentally and physically I knew I needed a break even if it was just hosting at a restaurant. During my interview for a host position at The Grange with Aarin Clemons in 2014 he asked, “don’t you host house shows in the city?”. My brother Phil and I moved to Providence in early 2011 and started hosting shows in our living room to create a space for friends to perform in a quiet and intimate atmosphere. Our house slowly gained the reputation as The Grove, a place for everyone to come together and feel welcomed and loved.

“Do you want to do that here?” Aarin asked. With no experience except acoustic shows in my house I said yes to something new, exciting and terrifying. I knew nothing about stage set up or running sound. There were many nights of uncomfortable feedback from the PA, learning an XLR cable from a 1/4 cable, how to promote and make a flyer, how to adjust EQs ; you name it, I had rookie written all over me. These obstacles paved the path to creating the PVDlive website, stage managing festivals, hosting shows around the city, receiving the artist liaison position at Rhythm and Roots festival to even hopping on the bus as Production Manager for Lucinda Williams.

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There has been countless shows at The Grange that will forever be close to my heart and the people I have been lucky to meet in the process. The Table, an open mic and the West Side Listening Series were a fun way to get the community involved. Adam Sousa delighted us with his alluring Dracula-like singing and ‘Open Mike DeCosta’ had a crowd of us yelling Fleetwood Mac Covers. Julie Rhodes, Boo City, Ian Fitzgerald and Dan Dodd packing the house, our International Woman’s night, Nirvana Night and even having the courage to host Bob Boilen of NPR podcast All Things Considered and Tiny Desk Concert series.

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These shows helped me grow professionally but also creatively. Starting up at The Grange I never thought of singing myself but with the encouragement of friends I had my first show ever with Rachel Jorgensen. It reached capacity and I still cant believe the support and love I felt that night from my community.

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This is not the end but the beginning to something great! I wish I could tell you, I can’t just yet, but it is very exciting!

With every memory, the magical and the difficult, I look back and know how important every experience was in order to be where I am today. We leave it all tonight on a high note with The Low Cards playing from 9:00 – 10:30 pm! Thank you for the past 5 years of good vibes! Lets celebrate tonight for the memories and to the future of PVDlive.

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“Sad to see it go. So many good times there. I loved when everyone weirded out people during Open Mike DeCosta. Singing Cathy’s Clown with family. Seeing Natale playing live there when she was just starting out. Nirvana night! And Chrissy Stewart and Rachel Jorgensen hitting max capacity. Gonna miss it.” Steve Delmonico of The Quahogs


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A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO :: Aarin Clemons, Rob Yaffe, The Grange staff, Nick Saez, Derek Delahunt, Nic Coolidge, Will Ware, Bryan Minto, Steve Delmonico, Natale Tsipori, Brett Lehrman, Joshua Kemp, Dan Dodd, Phil Stewart, John Faraone,  Alecia Protentis, Sarah Goodrich, Michael Panico and all the beautiful humans that came out to support local music!



“Come to my world and witness
The way things have changed
‘Cause I finally did it, baby
I got out of La Grange”



PVDlive will continue its Jazz Series at The Grange Providence every second Sunday of the month from 8:00 – 10:00 pm