EARLY 2017 Providence was immediately turned on to a collaboration of Iz Dungan and Ly Barber. With performances getting sharper, more confident and a raw sound that you feel drawn to; it was hard not to fell in love with the fierce, unapologetic duo that is blazing a new path of awesome. They’re hittin the ground running with a new album and new music video!


The last time PVDlive worked with you both was at the Rooftop of Providence G for the Mondays on The Moon series in a band called Pixels. Is that how you two met each other? 
(IZ)- Oh yes, the rooftop of G-pub . What a wild place! Ly and I met each other for the first time in south county in 2015. It was at URI’s campus where Ly and friends ran a DIY venue called Space Afrika. I was playing in the band Pixels at the time and we had a show there. We didn’t fully connect though until a year later when they moved to Providence and we ended up working at the same coffee shop. We found every excuse to play music together, eventually forming FINE.
Iz, you’re from Newport. How was playing the first Gay Pride in June 2018?
(IZ)- It was a really fun time!  I look forward to next year! My friend, Sean, was one of the main organizers for the events. He asked us to come play and we had to say yes. Newport is sterile and heterosexual in general, so it was really fun to throw some color on the town. Lord knows, they need it.

Your songs are vulnerable but strong. What has it been like to watch crowds resonate with your words?

(IZ) – It’s been very special to watch people connect with my lyrics. The music is really just a vehicle to move the words to peoples’ ears ; words and feelings that have helped me heal from this dangerous and cruel world we live in. Having people scream and cry the words along with me at shows feels like the most glorious group therapy ever.
Iz, you wrote after your benefit show for TOP surgery “I WANNA SAY THANKS TO ALL OF OUR FANS FOR THE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AND SUPPORT ESP OUR QUEER AND TRANS LOVES, BECAUSE I WRITE THESE SONGS FOR YOU. I LOVE YOU AND SEE YOU ” Are these songs in some way a love letter to those who have had a similar path and sometimes pain in this world?
(IZ)- That is a bit of a loaded question. In a way, yes. These songs are love letters to folks like me. Though, I will remind all that read this that trans people don’t hate their bodies because they are “different”. Trans people are forced to hate their bodies by cis people/culture. I write these songs as a life-raft of validation of who we are, how the world needs us and how we need each other.
Who helped with the new music video? What was that like?
(IZ)My incredibly sweet and talented friend, Amber Chilton shot our video. It was a magical day, Amber and our friend Shelby were a total dream team. There was a LOT of time in lukewarm bath water haha!

Tell us about Big Nice Studio and the creation of Flesh // Vessel !
(LY)  Big Nice Studio is basically the most incredible playground—they have so many things to play with to make every record unique. When we first walked in, they had a loop projected of a train traveling through the swiss alps or something—and finished off the day with pool and ripsticks. The whole record took an entire day to record, plus an extra session for vocals. The process was incredibly fluid, so much in fact that the song “Indigo” was introduced to me by Iz in the studio and we recorded the song with drums I wrote five minutes prior-IT WAS AMAZING. Brad and Chaimes were the most fun and creative people to work with. We not only got an amazing record through them but also lasting FRIENDSHIPS.
Who are some bands that really get ya going?
(LY)  St. Vincent (obvi) Warpaint (Stella is my favorite drummer ever) B-52s for sure, Cocteau Twins, Esperanza Spalding, H.E.R.
Local Bands?
(LY) as for local bands ahhh I love too much it’s a DISASTER. I love EDT, Nova One, Omnivore, Lookers, Baby Baby, Virusse, Val Martino, Gertrude Atherton, I have a crush on all of them (and more)
When can we expect a CD release show?! 
(IZ) Yes! We’re really excited for this show. Its going to be at AS220 March 29th! We’re in the process of confirming acts right now. Its going to be a crazy show and definitely not one to miss
Interview by Chrissy Stewart
Photo Credit : Brittany Taylor & Sam Trav