“Asthma is a collaborative project from two artists with similar visions of the world. It is about growth, family, justice, substances, pain, and being human as well as how these topics and emotions lend to creativity. The name “ASTHMA” was chosen for the EP to represent the problems of being a young artist in the world we currently live in. The struggles and pain they go through in the process of making this project in turn shapes these young humans and molds them into their best selves. You can play this anytime the world has you feeling suffocated or like you can’t breathe.” – Sid

We spoke with two favored musicians in the Providence music land, Jesse The Tree (Jesse Ramos) and Slitty Wrists (Sid) who came together to create a work of art that will be celebrated tonight at


How did this collaboration come to be?

Sid and I have been performing similar bills and appreciating each other’s writing and being for some time and wanted to try to make something beautiful together.

Why did you name it Asthma?

Asthma was Sid’s idea—he always had it in mind for a project. He wants it to symbolize the struggle of everyday life and suffocation caused by the issues both globally, socially, and personally that make us feel like we cant breathe. It can also be looked at from a different perspective as some people will look at the EP as a breath of fresh air, and some of the underlying themes of smoking, pollution, nature.. etc

what are some struggles that artist go through that you’ve personally  experienced or have witnessed?

I think we can both agree on mental health issues.. substance abuse.. loss and grief.. money! Finding a sense of belonging within oneself and one’s environment. These things, and trying to understand and conquer and survive these things for sure lends to the desire to express emotionally thru art.


what are some key things you rap about that   You hope listeners resonate with?

The human condition… politics… social justice… substances… the natural world…family… and sort of how all of these things tie into each other and exist within each other’s worlds. We hope that the music makes people feel a connection to others or themselves.


how long did the production take? Who did you work with? 

We started working on this almost a year ago, about 8 months. We would send each other beats and meet up to write, our first song being made a few weeks after we started and our last one just a couple weeks ago. We recorded at B08 studios in Pawtucket through our friend Sean Dizzy Blade and then sent it to get mastered by our friend Logan Caldwell (3astman) in Maryland.



This is a collaboration, what are you two working on separately? 

We are both working on solo albums that will be released this year, and I (jesse) am also working on a EP with my bandmates (tree ppl!!)that hopes to come out in the spring. And! We hope to have an ASTHMA 2 come out next year : )

What can people expect at tonight’s show at Troop?

Pandemonium! Fireworks! Hot dogs! Slime! Kittens!


but they can expect to see us playing with some of our dearest friends and other great artists from Providence. It’ll be high energy and low energy and everything in between. And troop rocks!

What excites you about the Providence music scene?

A lot of things. Other artists willingness to support each other. The emotions evoked from different artists. Genre blending. Honesty and the willingness to listen to something new.  There are so so many talented artists here its unreal.


What’s some of the best advice you were ever given ? 


Jesse: TREAT OTHERS HOW YOU WANNA BE TREATED kindergarten shit. Be kind and lift up those you love thru listening and understanding and compassion. Be yourself in writing and performing. Connect to people through your writing and help others feel less alone.

Sid: to remain myself and do things to unlock more of what is truly my best self. They told me to continue to make the music that I want to hear because those who truly appreciate great music will do so regardless.






Interview by Chrissy Stewart