Providence, we present to you THANK GOD FOR SCIENCE!

On Saturday night May 25th we invite you to a sneak peek show at The Good Will Engine Co., Providence’s newest hostel & venue in the creative capital! This establishment will be PVDlive’s new home for curated events and hosting travelers from all over the world at 41 central street. Among the talented Providence rock n’ rollers Smith and Weeden and powerhouse blues and soul singer songwriter Ali McGuirk will be the adventurous tunes by Thank God For Science.

T.G.F.S is comprised of some of Rhode Island and Massachusetts’s best musicians. “What was initially an experiment of fleshing out some solo pieces with musicians I love dearly and admire, has ultimately morphed itself into a living organism of a band.” recalls Jeremy Moses Curtis, the main songwriter who has notably played with Booker T & Jeffrey Foucault. Members also include drummer Peter MacLean (Maceo Parker), The Blue Ribbons’ James Rohr on keyboards, Mike Castellana on guitar, Laurence Scudder (Spotted Tiger, Brothers McCann) on viola while Barry Rothman (Radio Swan) channels sounds from the ether via vintage turntables and effect pedals.

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The band released “Vol One” in 2016 and their first concert created “Live” in 2018. Hearing their music and seeing them in the flesh is a sonic journey that weaves, turns, and moves in layers.  It is a musical head trip that touches on experimental jazz, rock, soul, blues and all the valleys and peaks in between. Guaranteed to get your feet moving and your body groovin’, it is a unique experience which connects to the listener in a way that you crave.

“As far as musical process, I can’t compare it to anything really. Some nights it’s like greasing up a behemoth of a battle plane and trying to get it airborne. It can be unruly but once we are flying it takes on a grace that is hard to describe. Most nights it’s really just my subconscious’ personal playlist. The new release has been a lot of work, it’s an enormous amount of sonic information to cypher.” Curtis noted. “when you throw up a bunch of microphones to try and harness it, more and more overtones present themselves and want to find space to live in the mix. Both Dave Westner and Marc Pinansky have been crucial in helping me navigate the challenges as they arrive.” Pinansky (Township, Andrea Gillis) produced their first release and joins the band on guitar on live dates on occasion. “They have huge ears and their discriminating taste is incredibly helpful. This release also has a couple tunes that Mike Castellana penned which adds a lot to the eclecticism of what we offer.”

PVDlive is honored to host one of their many shows this summer as they present their brand new music to the world. “The new record is in the works and is currently being field tested with working title “Humans Are Special”. It was recorded with Dave Westner over at Wooly Mammoth Studios in Waltham, MA. It’s a lot of music and over the next few months we plan on releasing three twenty minute “sides” digitally on the streaming services. If demand allows, we will move to some sort of specially packaged format and hawk those wares unapologetically when the time comes”.

We are proud to debut of one of the new songs from the first set of music “Oldsmobuick” check it out and we will see you at The Good Will Engine Company Saturday May 25th at 7:30 pm!

5/24 Hotel Vernon –Worcester, MA
(w/Craig Rawding)
5/25 The Good Will EngineCo–Providence, RI
(w/Ali McGuirk)
6/26 Lizard Lounge–Cambridge,MA
6/29 Nick-a-nees–Providence, RI
(4-7 w/Dylan Harley)
6/29 Hotel Vernon–Worcester, MA
(9-12 w/Craig Rawding)
7/27 Warp&Weft—Lowell, MA
7/28 State Park Bar–Cambridge, MA
(w/Ali McGuirk)
7/31 Lizard Lounge–Cambridge,MA
(w/Andrea Gillis)
8/28 Lizard Lounge–Cambridge,MA
(w/Bow Thayer&Perfect Trainwreck)
8/29 Cowboy&Lady’s–Providence, RI
9/07 Private Event TBA–VERMONT
9/08 House Concert–Cambridge, MA
(Record Release)
9/25 Lizard Lounge–Cambridge,MA
(very special guests TBA)



Interview by Michael Panico
Edited by Chrissy Stewart
PVDlive does not take credit for any photos used