designed by Rachel Mugrabi

DAY to NIGHT music video premiers Monday October 28th at Troop 


We have watched Natáles growth over the years discovering which paths work for her multi- talented voice and style. She can bring you high on an upbeat pop tempo then scratch the bottom of your heart with soul and blues seeped of sorrow and life experience. Whatever this human’s passion and vision runs towards we are on board for the ride.

Natále was born in Philly, spent her teenage years in Tel Aviv and after a failed trip to India she found herself in Providence, RI.

‘Enchanted by the vibrant art scene and it’s quirky cast of characters, I began crafting acoustic folk songs in a 1920’s opera house, alongside friend and fellow visionary Ben Knox Miller, of The Low Anthem. With a new found love for folk music, and an affinity for soul and jazz, I connected with local players who soon formed my first original lineup.”

Merging her musical influences and passion for spirit, Natale quickly became recognized as a positive force in the local music scene. 

When speaking with Natále on why she wanted to film on one of Providence’s busiest streets there were multiple reasons that surfaced.

“The vision of the video came to me at the same time the song was being written. It felt crazy – shutting down over 0.5 mile of one of the busiest streets for the sake of art? I didn’t want to answer the call. Nearly a year later, when the vision was still knocking at my door, even though I was afraid, I decided it was time to do something bigger than myself.” 

She also added that Broadway isn’t always going to look the way we know and love it to be right now. Its growing fast and its important to capture its small charm.

This video premier party is at Troop on Monday October 28th  at 9:30 pm and is free and open to the public!

Dress in your favorite disco threads and dance to the new beat!

“I feel that everyone has a job to do here. My mission is to help people see that by taking action, they can accomplish their dreams, all it takes is a little spark and determination. I’m not an activist persay, though every ounce of my work and my being is dedicated to doing the best I can do to inspire other people to follow their calling.”

Director of Photography : Jon Gourlay
1st Asst. Director : Andrew Drachman
8mm Film : Mikey Dunne
Set Design / 2nd Asst. Director : Dana Tarr
Director/Producer : Natále